self-portraitThis is Cakeburger. Cakeburger is where I make my comics available for free via the internet. Totally new concept, I know. It is written and drawn by Joshua Drummond, who is me. An artist’s impression of Mr Drummond is on the right. I drew it. It is accurate.

Contact me by emailing cakeburger(at), by Twittering at me, or via the Book of Faces. It would be, quite sincerely, great to hear from you.

I like totally LOVE your comics!
…so can I print them in my student newspaper / self-published magazine / newspaper / etc?

First, thank you! I’m glad you like my stuff. Second, contact me by using any of the methods above and we’ll suss something out!

Are you available for contracted work?
At the moment, yes. I put all of my illustration stuff online at my other site, I also do freelance writing. Give me a bell via any of the above belling-methods and I will get back in touch.

I like totally LOVE your illustrations!
… so can I buy them?

Yes! I sell prints of my illustrative stuff at

Update schedule
At this time, Cakeburger updates three times a week. (Finally). It features the following features:

Gods and Demons and Liam Schooner
A comic book on the internet. It’s what it says on the tin. Just started it.

Napkin comics
Quickly (read: poorly) drawn. On the back of a napkin. Sometimes.
Updates Wednesdays or just whenever I’m in close proximity to a pen, napkin, beer, a scanner, and an internet connection.

Long comics
Long comics. Generally stuff that takes me a long time to make. I upload these when they’re done.

Short comics
Short comics that don’t fit into any other category.
Updates sometimes.

Enough talk. Let me give you money.
Aw, thanks!