This is a press release in the form of a comic I did for my friend Lee. Who wrote an entire music notation program with his voice and feet, while in agony. I still have trouble believing it. But it really is true.

Background: A few months ago, Lee asked if I could edit a press release he was planning on sending round for the release of the premium (paid) version of his free music notation program. He’s a friend of the family – my brother designed the Musink icon and website. I said sure.  I didn’t need to edit much – the press release was already pretty much fine, but I wondered if we could do it in a way that would really get the attention Lee’s story (and his software) deserve. So, seeing as my comic book CV had got a bit of attention back when I first sent it out, I thought I’d try doing his story as a comic.

Anyway, if you’re a musician, I strongly recommend you check out Musink. If you’re not – please help Lee by sharing this comic far and wide. Lee went through hell and still managed to code a massive program. With his feet. The fact that it’s a bloody decent program is a side benefit, as is the fact that Lee is a bloody decent guy. I’m proud to call him a friend, and I hope I can help him out by doing whatever I can towards seeing his app get the attention it deserves.